General Price List

Here we list some of our web programming rates.
We generaly work on a project base.


HTML [Hypertext Markup Language]

Additional HTML work (constructing web pages) is sometimes necessary if existing Web pages need redesign or new pages created/added to an existing Web site.
$50 per hour


Additional telephone and one-on-one support relating to Internet Marketing, effective use of Miva Shopping Systems, E-mail, ftp, image optimization, Web design or hosting, and general education about the World Wide Web.
$50 per hour

Graphic Design

Graphic design includes rendering custom graphics that you might need. Developing a logo or custom web site navigational interface are examples of Graphic design. Our designers use state of the art graphics and web design software.
$75 per hour

Perl, Java script, Flash, Database Programing My SQL, PHP, Java, MP3.

$75 per hour